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But in recent years, two studies of ancient remains suggested that modern Native Americans could trace their ancestry to the original inhabitants of the Americas, who probably arrived in North America about 15,000 years ago.

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Her reading of the data, Mulligan says, puts Kennewick equally close to some other groups in Central and South America; indeed, Willerslev his colleagues also conclude that Kennewick Man has affinities to more southern groups.Files less than 10 megabytes will be sent by regular email. Orders are usually filled within 24 hours or less, but could take longer because an actual human has to attach the pdf to an email. Larger files will be sent via Dropbox or Google Drive. There are still paper copies available of some issues. Boyd says that the Colville people, who provided two dozen DNA samples for comparison with Kennewick Man, are now discussing whether to reclaim the skeleton under U. “The reason we can come to these conclusions is because the skeleton was kept for science,” and not reburied as the tribes had wanted, he told reporters during a news conference yesterday.“But the conclusions show that he was Native American in the first place.” Outside scientists praise the work, published online today in , in part because it also offers clues to the prehistory of North America.