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In fact, the full "International Number" may always be dialled, since the Australian telephone network has the "intelligence" to recognise when the destination required is either "International", in a different "National" area or within the "Local" area – and to switch and charge the call accordingly.Thus, it is strongly recommended that telephone numbers should be stored in mobile phones in the form of the full "International Number", should the owner of the phone be likely to use the phone concerned in an area away from "home", either within Australia or internationally.Some numbers beginning with a 1 may be dialled without any replacement, after dialling the required International Access Code and the Country Code for Australia ( 61).(see below) Australian "Local Area" numbers are of eight digits in length, conventionally written in the form xxxx xxxx.To access a number in another "Area" it is necessary firstly to dial the "Trunk Access Code" of 0, followed by the area code (2, 3, 7 or 8) and then the specific "Local" number.The area codes do not exactly match State/Territory boundaries.Similarly, a person who dials 7010 5678 on a land-line or mobile phone in Melbourne (i.e., within the 03 area) will be connected to 03 7010 5678.

All "Local" telephone numbers within these four areas are of eight digits, consisting (mainly) of a four digit "Exchange" code plus a four digit number.

( The y-digit codes are allocated per network, although with the introduction of number portability, there is no longer a fixed relationship between the mobile phone number and the network it uses.

Within Australia, mobile numbers must always be dialed with all 10 digits, regardless of the caller's location.

If a landline or mobile number is written where it may be viewed by an international audience (e.g.

in an email signature or on a website) then the number is often written as 61 x xxxx xxxx or 61 4xx xxx xxx respectively.

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