American woman dating an iranian man

She already had rejected two suitors, she added, because they seemed mainly to be after sex. The actress, who asked to be identified as Marziyeh to avoid angering her conservative family, moved to Tehran to study drama over the worries of her parents.

She believes that even many highly educated Iranian men continue to hold regressive views about women.“I think parents should educate their sons to take responsibility for family life and cultivate their minds — not just make them graduate from universities,” Hasani said. She has put thoughts of marriage on hold.“Any spouse of mine should accept me as I am and adapt himself to my long days and nights of auditions, rehearsals, production and studying my lines,” Marziyeh said.

Still, Azadi had to balance independence with caution.

She ascended the staircase only when it was clear of neighbors and admonished visiting friends to walk on tiptoes to avoid attracting attention.

She broke up with him last year after he refused to let her go out in the evenings alone and interrogated her after parties about men she had danced next to.

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I just want to be a decent girl who is a traditional mom and at the same time part of modern society.”As divorces become more common, some women are picky about whether to remarry.A more recent relationship with a suave computer expert broke up when he told her he would only marry a virgin.“The way he dressed was as fashionable as any European,” Mahtabi said, “but mentally he was an old-timer.”But with so much of Iranian life centered on the family, many single women struggle with loneliness.The slim, dark-eyed Mahtabi wonders whether she should lower her standards with the next man she dates.“On the other hand,” she said, “I feel our Iranian boys are not educated enough by our parents to tolerate living with a liberated woman, let alone enjoy it.”Abidar Dadman, a 37-year-old bank employee studying for a master’s in international business, recently dated a man who was uncomfortable with the fact that she earns about 0 a month more than he does. Sometimes he would slip in underhanded comments, saying she must have gotten her job through family connections.“Until then, we will keep fighting with tradition.”Outside, Marziyeh stepped into a taxi and rode back to the apartment she shares with a single girlfriend. 142990894 #17933By Anonymous on Wednesday, March 22, 2006 - am iranian parents are worse than indian parents or just the same so i would advise any race other than iranian to stay away from iranian men unless they introduce you to their family right away because then that means the family is liberal minded and wouldnt care if they married a nonpersian.