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The thieves assaulted the guard who raised an alarm. Police suspect that the thieves may have been informed about the actor leaving her home.

The scream alerted the residents who rushed down but the thieves had fled. Gaurav caught for drunk-driving: Gaurav Sharma, currently seen in Dream Girl, was caught in a case of drunk-driving a few days ago.

Loveleen Sasan (25), who is currently seen in the Hindi serial 'Saath Nibhaana Saathiya' on Star Plus, found Rs 5 lakh missing from her Regal Arcade flat in the posh Poonam Sagar complex in Mira Road on Wednesday.

The CCTV footage shows four to five men dressed in vests and armed with iron rods entering and leaving the building.

Parth, recently accused Vikas Gupta, the producer and programming head of a Hindi entertainment channel of molesting him in December 2013.

However, TV czarina, Ekta Kapoor has thrown a new light on the entire controversy.

He suddenly pulled me towards him and tried to kiss me. It was completely unexpected from a person who’d just spoken about how much he loved his daughter!

But then again I don’t want to stay quiet about it. I am strong enough to handle such things and in case I feel that I require media’s help, I will call them. Being a girl, I have faced such issues on the road and kai baar joote-chappal khole hain. I wanted it to look like an example ki agar 75 logon ki unit hai, toh baaki ke logon ko pata hona chahiye ki unke saath kya hoga agar unhone aisa kiya.” She added, “Production house ne norm ke tahat kiya jo unhe karna chahiye tha.My driver had left for the day, so I was driving the car. I should have been more careful and responsible.”Poonam molested by comedian?That’s when this incident happened.” He adds, “I abstained from alcohol for about a year as I was following a strict diet and fitness regimen. Poonam Preet was recently in Kathmandu for a New Year event when she had an unpleasant experience.But I gave in to my friends’ requests as they wanted to party. The TV actress was allegedly molested by comedian and singer Raja Sagoo who was also part of the event.While Poonam maintains that Raja tried to kiss her as he was drunk, the latter says that nothing of the sort happened between the two.