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If someone has unprotected sex, he takes on the risk of becoming a parent, and it's ludicrous that your friend thinks this knowledge would be too much of a "burden." And unless your friend is independently wealthy, she will find that raising a child on a single salary truly is a burden.Beyond that is the eventual issue of a child who will want to know who his or her father is.Sure, your friend's acquaintance is no Orson Welles, but every child is entitled to as much honesty as possible about this.

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Would it be totally out of line for me to tell him myself?

He's a decent guy, he just doesn't ever want to get married or have a relationship, so she keeps saying she feels bad to shock him with the news.

I feel like it's so wrong to keep something like this from him.

What is your take on this situation—is there any hope for our relationship or is this just too weird?

A: Yes, it's weird, and if you'd written this about three years ago I would have thought this guy was a married man just feeding you some real estate baloney.