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Among those gathered, or soon summoned, is a detective, who says that no one should leave, please.

By Christie’s time, at least two conventions had been established. (Holmes, when he is not chasing a criminal, lies on his couch, felled by boredom and cocaine, shooting bullets into the wall of his study.) A second rule was the absolutely central role of ratiocination.

Basically, just speak to her like you’re old friends. So showered and shaved.) You know what you need in your life? Not even a Wes Anderson joint, but something you might see as part of a museum exhibit before you head to the dinosaur section.

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Or do you say you don’t want kids because you don’t want to face the idea that it might not happen? Because if the answer isn’t “no” then I’d stop telling your family that you don’t want kids and start telling them the truth. And that’s the great thing about being a woman in this society. All this time you’re blocking your blessings because you’re too proud to tell the truth—that you want it all—and have you mama and those same aunts fan out to help you get it. Yuma from Baltimore, MD asks: Always go with shared real-time observations (even before you introduce yourself). I mean, do you really not want kids—or have you just given up on the idea of kids because you feel like time has run out? You get to ask for help in order to get the things you want and need. And my “barrenness” somehow always becomes the topic of discussion. I mean maybe your only defense is to be honest with your family and yourself (but especially yourself).She wrote poetry, and she was interested in the soul.During Agatha’s youth, Clara went through Unitarianism, Theosophy, and Zoroastrianism.