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The Maldives is a nation of islands resting at the heart of the Indian Ocean.

The country consists of over 1000 islands; 200 of which are inhabited by the local Maldivian people, while others are used for tourism and agriculture.

Teach English and sport to the local people of Hoadedhdhoo In the last decade, the constantly rising sea level has been an obstacle for the Maldivian nation as its islands are slowly being washed away.

This fact is a major concern for all those living on the habitable islands.

If teaching English wasn’t enough, be ready because later in the afternoon you can lead fitness classes, swim lessons or even arrange a jog around the island!

The trip may sound like it is going to be a lot of hard work and long days, but the rule of thumb is ‘work hard, play hard’.

Spend 2-3 weeks in one of the top 10 spots for sea life encounters in the world 10.PMGY volunteers will spend 2-3 days participating in a renovation project alongside some very cheerful and kind locals.After a week of learning a bit of Dhivehi it is time to teach them a bit of English!PMGY created the Island Experience for volunteers to live the island life while also contributing to the surrounding environment and sea life.The Maldives is the third most endangered nation in the world due to climate change; PMGY volunteers will truly be able to make an impact on the well-being of this island and its people.

Sex chat with locals no registration