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The three witch doctors and the voodoo woman combined their abilities to spread the power of black magic and tell there stories across the lands with the might of their music.

With their monstrous pounding tones and a hurricane of enchanting and powerful vocals they will shake your bones and mesmerise you with their unique and relentless performance.

Barrie, 37, and Tony, 42, are somewhat less open about their ages, which they claim to be 32.Little was left to chance — even the sex of the twins was selected, with Barrie fathering Saffron, and Tony, Aspen.In 1999 the pair made legal history when they became the first same-sex British couple to register as joint parents on a birth certificate in the United States.From the deepest, darkest depths of Manchester a spell was cast by three self-practising witch doctors.With the blood of broken hearts and dark souls they managed to awaken a banished mystic “the Voodoo woman”, a warrior, slain for using black magic in battle.