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But before too long, Tay had “learned” to say inappropriate things without a human goading her to do so.

This was all but inevitable given that, as Tay’s tagline suggests, Microsoft designed her to have no chill.

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In the meantime, I’m guessing that Microsoft is re-programming Tay to have a wee bit more chill the next time she tweets.By far the most entertaining AI news of the past week was the rise and rapid fall of Microsoft’s teen-girl-imitation Twitter chatbot, Tay, whose Twitter tagline described her as “Microsoft’s AI fam* from the internet that’s got zero chill.” offensive stuff. Basically, Tay was designed to develop its conversational skills by using machine learning, most notably by analyzing and incorporating the language of tweets sent to her by human social media users.Like calling Zoe Quinn a “stupid whore.” And saying that the Holocaust was “made up.” And saying that black people (she used a far more offensive term) should be put in concentration camps. What Microsoft apparently did not anticipate is that Twitter trolls would intentionally try to get Tay to say offensive or otherwise inappropriate things.Unfortunately, the same problems that will make it difficult to regulate AI safety at the front end will also complicate efforts to assign liability to AI designers at the backend, as I note in (shameless plug) my forthcoming article on AI regulation: As indicated above, this problem is less urgent in the case of a social media chatbot.It will be far more important if the AI system is designed to be an educational tool or an autonomous weapon.