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So it's a lot of fun for us." "The best part of working at UA is the team. They really want to make the effort just as much as I do.

The Curry 4 “More Dubs” colorway pays homage to some of the best fans in the league.

The interior pull-tab ties the shoe together, matching the gold of the SC30 logo and working in unison to create a harmonious color palette.

For example, just getting my day started is a solution to a problem.

The problem is that I have to get from my apartment in Brooklyn to the office in Manhattan. Now, it wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you, would it?

TED-Ed animator Franz Palomares jumped at the chance to animate this lesson, for a very specific reason — he met his wife online. What was your inspiration for wanting to work on this particular lesson? Seven years ago, I met my wife on a dating website! Artistically, I had a lot of different inspirations.

I knew immediately that I wanted to split it into two categories.