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It is through this lower organic capacity that it is enabled to inform and animate the matter of the body.

But the human soul always remains a substance capable of subsisting of itself apart from the body, although the operations of its lower faculties would then necessarily be suspended.

These two reports from men from differing location in our world, very timely reports that will help us understand the agenda for the end of time scenario of the Bible.

International news media has been crackling with reports of intercept incidents between U. and Russian combat aircraft along the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV) de-confliction line over Syria since late November.

It is form of the body which it animates, not in virtue of its rationality but through the vegetative and sentient faculties which it also possesses.

The human soul, however, seems to be of a different kind ( genos etepron ), and separable as the eternal from the perishable.It determines the specific nature of the living being, and by the same act constitutes the prime matter with which it is immediately and intrinsically united a living organized body.The Scotist School differed somewhat from this, teaching that antecedently to its union with the vital principle the organism is actuated by a certain subordinate forma corporeitatis .Dr Rob Congdon will discuss with Jimmy an European Union Update, information that must be heard by all of us.But first Jimmy will discuss the Iranian threat to the EU, the USA and in fact the entire world, through the lens of a truth teller, Ken Kinnerman.