Access linked tables not updating

Linking is more powerful than importing in two ways: Note, this section only applies to Access 2007.Overview When you move a database from Access to a Share Point site, you create lists on the Share Point site that remain linked to tables in your database.The Text Format property of the Memo Field is set to Rich Text, and the formatting is preserved.Note, beginning in Access 2013, Memo data fields were renamed to Long Text fields.The Move to Share Point Site Wizard helps you to move the data from all your tables at the same time and to maintain their relationships.After the Share Point lists are created, people can work with the lists on the Share Point site or in the linked tables in Access, while they use the features of a Share Point site to manage the data and stay updated with changes.Investigate additional fields Depending on the type of list on which the table is based, you might also notice the presence in the table of a few extra fields (such as Edit, Modified, and Type).For more information about these fields and the information that they contain, see Share Point Help.

The import process creates a copy of the Share Point list in an Access database.

An import specification helps you to repeat the import operation in the future without having to step through the Import Wizard each time.

Here are common reasons for importing a Share Point list into an Access database: Note: A source column of type Person or Group is a special type of lookup column.

When you import data, Access creates a table and copies the columns and items from the source list (or view) into that table as fields and records.

At the end of the import operation, you can choose to save the details of the import operation as a specification.

Access linked tables not updating