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James Frain as Reyes, the British or Australian drug lord, also registers a hit on the screen's magnetometer, scoring a memorable scene where he informs Walker, Caan and Scott that they have harvested some of cocaine from the ocean floor.Into the Blue is the hip, 2005 version of The Deep. A wild music score only adds to the cool, featuring tunes by Ziggy Marley, Holly Palmer, Loque, D Bo, Guerilla Black, Jimmy Cliff and O S Xperience. Where else can you work an old shipwreck in absolutely crystal clear waters?The story is above average, ably conveying the allure and attendant danger of treasure hunting.Throw in the sunken cargo plane resting nearby containing a fortune in cocaine and the badasses associated with it, and Into the Blue fills the bill as a top-notch thriller.Paul Walker and Scott Caan call each other "bro," wrestle at the airport terminal like a pair of nine-year-olds, knock down the booze like there's no tomorrow and enjoy the fruits of their romantic labor with Ms. Into the Blue grossed ,801,234 at the box office, placing #118 on the list of the top grossing movies of 2005.

One is the long lost French pirate vessel Zephyr, which is still loaded with treasure, and the other is a submerged cargo plane full of neatly packaged bricks of cocaine.Into the Blue (2009) stars Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, Scott Caan and Ashley Scott as young divers pursuing a fortune in sunken treasure from an old French pirate ship named the Zephyr.Josh Brolin plays a salvage captain and James Frain a vicious drug lord.Matt Johnson wrote the screenplay, with John Stockwell (Under Cover, Blue Crush, Turistas) directing.Paul Haslinger provided the original music, with Shane Hurlbut as cinematographer, Nicolas De Toth and Dennis Virkler as film editors and Maia Javan as production designer.