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This prehistoric shark’s most striking feature is its unique mouth, sporting more than 300 teeth displayed in a frilled, or ruffled, arrangement over 25 rows.Professor Margarida Castro, from the University of the Algarve, told this unusual adaptation was explicitly evolved “to trap squid, fish and other sharks in sudden lunges.” This is where the frilled shark gets its name, Castro explained.Frilled sharks are also said to have inspired sailors’ famous tales of “sea serpents,” on account of their snake-like movements in the water. According to a Japanese study, the most likely explanation for the frilled shark’s “deceptively simple and poorly calcified” skeleton is the scarcity of nutrients found in the deep-sea habitat in which the species resides.It is also probably the reason why this prehistoric shark rarely grows longer than 6.5 feet.Even though the mentions some scientists have accidentally cut their fingers while examining its teeth, the frilled shark is no threat to humans and has rarely been encountered alive.

After reading every bogus website on the Internet, I finally came across this page and I felt that it really helps. But if Pitt and Jolie were spending as much time together as the outlet claims, surely the kids would realize something’s up with mommy and daddy.Well, Gossip Cop can confirm one thing has changed: Pitt and Jolie are getting along better these days, compared to the immediate aftermath of their breakup. A source close to Pitt exclusively tells Gossip Cop that while things are “reasonably well” right now, it’s not true he’s “dating” his estranged wife.It’s shining like amber,” Herbert Lutz, head of the excavation team and deputy museum director at the Mainz Natural History Museum, told USA Today.Lutz said that the discovery is groundbreaking for its potential to alter our understanding of how humans developed and migrated in prehistoric times.