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Her job should go unnoticed and therefore often unappreciated.

The key to being a great wingwoman is to be completely other-centered and casual about the whole thing.

I have my hypotheses, I test them when I can, and I gotta say, they tend to be correct.

Among my many theories, the one I have been most eager to test is that of the wingwoman—the perfect wingwoman to be exact.

She might be hopeful about her friend finding romance or even have someone in mind in advance, but she should say no more than “tonight will be a good time” or “it will be good to meet some new people.” Anything more will likely only psych your friend out.03. A perfect wingwoman is all subtlety and minimalism.

They're the veritable unicorn at pretty much any social event you might attend.I lay cowering in bed, down comforter over my face, shaking with laughter while simultaneously trying to persuade my friend—yes, she was hiding in my bed with me, too—that there are in fact good guys “out there,” meaning beyond the safety of our impromptu slumber party.This scene might sound familiar to you, but tonight was supposed to be different.How To Get Top Quality 8s, 9s, 10s To Be Your Girlfriend Gimmicks, pick up lines, routines yuck! I definitely endorse using "tactics and tools" during the learning process. Just like when I take a dance class I need to know the basics before I start adding the Marni Spice!!! The reason they don't work is because gimmicks, pick up lines and routines borrowed from someone else are not authentic and genuine to your character.