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Questions Guirguis suggests asking include “Do they obey God’s commandments? It ranges, she says, from not kissing until the wedding (like the Duggars on reality TV) to just hanging out in groups.

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I want to make sure you undestand how I set this thing up. Paul is talking about an "emotional fire." I guess you could call it a "fire of passion." Touching in an attempt to get your girlfriend or boyfriend "in the mood" isn't acceptable Christian behavior. The world has no problem starting "fires of passion." But we aren't like the world.

In fact anything that starts that "fire of passion" should send you to your spiritual fire extinguisher..it out before someone gets burned!!!

If you're a guy..a Christian girl who you know has God's will in view. It's your spiritual meals that keep your soul alive.

San Diego—Teenagers who follow Jesus encounter unique challenges when dating.

One thing they need to watch for, according to pastor Darren Carrington, is “counterfeit” Christians.