The zen of dating

This might only be me, and I know it sounds super unconventional, but love is the part of your life that requires you to grow the most. Here are my top 3 mini epiphanies from my own quest for love: The beautiful part of dating is that you’re in control, which makes it a good starting point, even if your mindset is fixed.

Here’s the part James left out though: Both men came from the same city.

He appears to Zen Master Baizhang (Wade-Giles: Pai-chang; Japanese: Hyakujō) and demands a "turning word," a phrase intended to prompt one to realization, to be freed from his animal form.

After Baizhang tells him not to ignore cause and effect, the monk confirms that he has been released from his wild fox body and asks to be given a monk's funeral rites.

The zen master knew that the first men was stuck in a fixed mindset, and that he would find new excuses and people to blame for his misery wherever he went. Your brain is a complicated masterpiece, and, even worse, it comes without a manual.

The second man, however, would make the best of things anywhere, and the zen master knew that his growth mindset would allow him to prosper in the new city as well. However, Dweck’s research has identified a few things you can do and I’d like to extend those with what I’ve learned so far.