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And within those mutual friends are Tom Schwartz, Jax Taylor, Stassi, and Katie. Nevertheless, I’ll never get over Tom Schwartz saying that Carter “had his dick in her” when he was explaining who Carter is during an on-camera interview.That’s such a weird thing to say about your fiance, but it was hilarious. Also, it feels like that Kristen and Sandoval relationship was a ago.thank you @sdzsafaripark for the best day of my life."She also tweeted about her fun day, writing, "Fleetwood mac in our limo after a day feeding giraffes. News on Wednesday, "Kristen and James were together at the start of the season, but they broke up during filming.Please say this is how it will also end."So, the James. They're not currently together…although with them you never know." It certainly seems at this point that she's over it, though, and we can't really blame her.Kristen talked about dating, her relationship with James Kennedy and how it’s weirdly not-at-all weird that her current boyfriend Brian Carter slept with Katie Maloney.Not only that, Carter apparently has other ties to the group.Then, things really hit a boiling point when the couple was caught in the middle of a screaming match during Scheana Marie's wedding.At one point, Kennedy called Doute "f—king unmanageable."Though they eventually kissed and made up, it's clear things were just not going to work.

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She doesn’t try to look better than she is, she owns up to her mistakes, and she has no issue sharing all of her weirdness- like owning and wearing multiple fake engagement rings in public.CLICK “CONTINUE READING” FOR MORE podcast and she ended up discussing her dating life past and present. Still, Kristen reflected, “It’s nice to get to know yourself without someone. I was more dependent on relationships and motherly like, ‘Let me take care of you.’?Unfortunately, that included revisiting her relationship with James. I wanted to be single for a year, that was my rule and then Bumble happened.” Ah. ”Kristen explained, “I feel like I was falling into these patterns with each relationship I was in where I was almost becoming more motherly, and then resentful because I wasn’t doing me.” Rachael said, “No one wants to date their mother” and Kristen couldn’t resist saying, “Unless you’re James Kennedy and you do want to have sugar mama who takes care of you.” Which is very interesting since his girlfriend is a college age beauty queen. Now that James is far back in Kristen’s past, she is focused on her relationship with Carter which seems to be pretty grown up and drama free so far…. Kristen thought that she finally met someone with no ties to this dysfunctional friend group, but that was not the case. Stassi [Schroeder] was couch crashing at my house for the summer- two summers ago. Kristen continued, “So anyway, Stassi explains this and she goes, ‘Kristen, you know Katie slept with him.’ And Stassi and Katie at this point are not speaking by the way, this was before Palm Springs.Hopefully Doute's new relationship proves to be a bit less rocky!MORE: 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Stassi Schroeder Posts Touching Instagram Tribute to Kristen Doute "Back to the place we first said, 'I love you,'" the 34-year-old wrote in the caption.