Freaky chat with no sign up

Chris had mistakenly assumed that was the reason for the late-night text message.

Instead Emily picked up his phone and stared at the naked form of a young, beautiful blonde with a great ass.

The girl seemed like a flighty airhead; not Chris's type at all. How the fuck did she look so skinny and curvy at the same time?

Her tits were huge and her ass curved into a perfect apple-bottom.

Without further ado, it is my pleasure to present...

***** Freaky Fuckday ~Chris~ Chris used reflexes leftover from his old varsity tennis days to duck out of the way of a cup that suddenly came flying through the air towards him.

Chris's eyes were a deep bluish-grey color that was easy to become lost in.

Emily could have just stared into his irises for hours.

Chris had been with Emily for over nine years and he had never seen her this furious. " Chris held his hands up in a placating pose and said, "Emily, will you please calm down? I can explain." "How the hell can you explain this?Debbie's ass looked perfect with its prominent crack splitting down the middle of her cheeks and curves showing in all the right places.The message with this second picture said, "All of me belongs to you, Chris. I'm yours forever and ever and ever XOXOXO." Three kissy-face emojis concluded the horror.But it hadn't ended there and her continued advances were absolutely unwanted on Chris's part.Chris tried to keep his distance once Debbie's interest became clear but the twenty-something blonde girl was totally obsessed and wouldn't stop harassing him.