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"As far as dancing goes, I do at least know how to dance and I'll be glad to teach you if you'd like for me to." "I sure would. "I'll be over here Saturday morning just as soon as the folks leave." After I got back to my house and thought about the situation I became even more excited about the prospect.

I had never held a girl in my arms in my entire life, and even if she was my cousin, Laurie was a good-looking girl, soft and curvy in the all the right places.

We tried to bolster our confidences by telling each other how boys and girls felt about each other.

I would assure her that boys considered girls somewhat of a mystery and that all she had to do was act confident around boys and she could get along fine.

I rubbed the pre-cum all over the head and very lightly on the underside where it was so sensitive.We shared confidences and told each other secrets we wouldn't tell our parents.More than anything else, we shared about how miserable we were with our shyness and how much we would like to be different.We were both only children, and not having brothers or sisters, we had grown up close to each other, almost like brother and sister.If asked, we would both characterize the other as best friend.