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Adobe AIR features include AIR project creation and Export Release Build in AIR format.

Note: Flexbuilder 3.0.2 updates this support to AIR 1.5.

You cannot use Flex Automated Testing with only the Flex 3 SDK.

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Switch Workspace from the menu bar and enter a new folder name. When using Flex Builder 3 with a workspace from a Beta release, after installing the release version of Flex Builder 3, clean and reinitialize the workspace using the following platform-specific procedures (this operation does not remove or alter Eclipse projects residing the workspace in any way).In addition, be sure to use separate Eclipse workspaces for each installation of Flex Builder plug-in.Switch Workspace from the menu bar and enter a new directory name.This allows a Java Script developer to call in to the Flex application without needing to know the internals of the application.This release contains the following versions of Flex Builder: NOTE: You can run Flex Builder 2.0.1 and Flex Builder 3 on the same system. CAUTION: Do not install Flex Builder 3 into the same location of an existing installation of Flex Builder 2 or a previous Beta version of the Flex Builder 3.