Updating a mysql database

It is also possible to update multiple columns with a single UPDATE statement.

This requires the use of multiple column = value expressions in UPDATE statement.

The process of updating or editing a record or row of a table makes use of the trusty mysql_query() function.

In the syntax shown below we see that the UPDATE procedure requires the SET and WHERE definitions to pinpoint the changes.

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The following SQL statement removes a row from our products table where the prod_id field is equal 12134: Keep in mind when using the DELETE statement to remove all rows in a table that only the rows are removed, and that the table itself remains.Once again, this statement can, and indeed should, be used in conjunction with the WHERE clause.Omission of the WHERE keyword will result in all rows in a table being deleted.The form shown above calls the next form when an id number is chosen.The form which allows the user to make changes should display existing information in input boxes for editing. Once again we make use of the mysql_query and mysql_num_rows functions.