Sample online dating profile headlines

Reverse image searching several of the photos mostly drew blanks for exact matches online, so it appears that many of the photos have not been uploaded to the open web — though I was able to identify one profile image via this method: a student at San Jose State University, who had used the same image for another social profile.

He also describes Tinder as offering “near unlimited access to create a facial data set” and says scraping the app offers “an extremely efficient way to collect such data.” “I have often been disappointed,” he writes of other facial data sets.(I just hope he strips out all the pet shots first or he’ll find this task an uphill struggle.) The data set, which was uploaded to Kaggle three days ago (minus the sample files), has been downloaded more than 300 times at this point — and there’s obviously no way to know what additional uses it might be being put to.Developers have done all sorts of weird, wacky and creepy things playing around with Tinder’s (ostensibly) private API over the years, including hacking it to automatically like every potential date to save on thumb-swipes; offering a paid look-up service for people to check up on whether a person they know is using Tinder; and even building a catfishing system to snare horny bros and make them unwittingly flirt with each other.We are always working to improve the Tinder experience and continue to implement measures against the automated use of our API, which includes steps to deter and prevent scraping.This person has violated our terms of service (Sec.