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It was also very striking to me how little had changed in terms of women and women’s rights and the pay scale and the glass ceiling.

The equal pay issue was being talked about in the [last presidential] campaign. Not only of the battle and about all the people, but just in general.

I was very interested in meeting Jon and Val and working with them.

And I thought the story was really good and it was really poignant for even today.

1 player Billie Jean King, 29, to a match in an unsuccessful bid to prove his dominance over any female on the court.

That groundbreaking face-off, which catapulted women’s equality and issues such as equal pay into the spotlight, is brought to the forefront of the cultural landscape once again in Zophres’ timely new film with outfits and color palettes more true to her own recollections of the era.

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because when i had my son they back paid 8 weeks milk in a cheque and i was wondering if the same applies for this scheme. they are vouchers that give you money towards formula milk and fruit and veg, 1 voucher totals 2.80 and you can use more than one at any one time.

In my memories of the '70s, people wore them, but not every single person. We found a shape and body that we liked and we made them.

It was hard to find the stuff that I wanted, but I think that’s because it was used and it didn’t end up in costume houses. For Billie Jean, we made all of her tennis dresses. You’d be surprised how many collectors there are and people collecting every decade and specializing in all kinds of things. After working on , her body had really changed and it was really interesting seeing. She would put something on and we would laugh between each other. And Andrea Riseborough plays more of this California girl and her style is really different.

It was very much a sport coloring that we saw with all the tennis players.

We used a lot of white, and we used navy blue and grass green and primary yellow and primary red.