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In her first book, supermodel Ashley Graham reveals the disheartening story of how her grandmother rudely mistreated her current husband — then boyfriend — when she first met him — and all because he is black.Ashley, 29, has been married to her husband Justin Ervin since 2010.'I'm going to do what anyone — regardless of race, class, or gender — would do. In an interview with Elle Canada last year, she said: 'He was different. 'Another reason I shared those stories, one that it hurts to say, is that so many women have had [these sorts of things happen to them].'Specifically, she wants girls to speak up for themselves if they are ever in the position she was in at age ten.

She added: 'The fact that I can put it out there for the over 50's and prove that age really does have no limits, means anyone can start their fitness journey to increase their health in later years.' Michelle believes that we are living in a society today where middle age women want to look after themselves, and want to make their bodies and their health more of a priority.Category Email Alerts Email alerts are a great way to keep up with your favorite categories, studios or stars.We send a weekly mailer only when new movies are added to items you subscribe to.I'll never forget what he said as we drove around town: "Racism is never surprising but always disappointing."'She went on to say that Justin made her understand that her grandmother's understanding of black men was limited, because she mostly only saw them in the media as violent.'She had probably never looked a black man in the face, let alone had a conversation with him, and now one was in her daughter's home, dating her granddaughter,' she wrote.'I think it is absolutely amazing that [Justin] pushed his pride aside and said, You know what? Also, his six-pack.''My husband and I waited; call me crazy, but it worked. ' said the star, who'd had sex with past boyfriends.This is my future wife, and this is her grandmother,' she went on in her Cosmo interview. 'He respected me more because I wasn’t willing to just give it up.'Speaking to Cosmo, Ashley also opened up about other aspects of her book, discussing an abusive relationship with an ex-boyfriend and the fact that a man exposed himself to her when she was ten.'Writing this book was definitely like a therapy session,' she said.