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Later in 2008, Kim Beom was casted as one of the F4 boys in the KBS drama "Boys Over Flowers" (Kkotboda Namja)." Boys Over Flowers" would go on to become a smash hit, with weekly ratings in excess of 30%. I hope he finds the roles that people are going to be glad they watched. I would really like to see him more in something fun and romantic. I hope you star in a new drama and record new songs for next year 2014. Despite some boring scenes in Goddess of Fire, I keep watching because Tae Do is my favorite character played by my favorite actor. This would further increase your popularity and success. Everyone should know that there's a BEAUTIFUL and FINE-LOOKING Asian man like you. I don't get why a good actor like you is always the second lead. ,take care hello.........i really like you so much............ I'm not wanting you to spend your whole life with me, BUT I'm begging you PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. The series became so popular that Koreans quickly began using the term "꽃남 신드롬," which means literally "Flower Boys Syndrome." With the success of "Boys Over Flowers," Kim Beom found himself in high demand and starred in the SBS drama "Dream," the 2009 film "Fly High." His most recent and triumphant success comes in the role of guardian angel Gook Soo in the j TBC drama Padam Padam... Praised by some as the drama of the century, Padam Padam gave Kim Beom a chance to spread his wings, both literally and figuratively, as a supernatural being who was somehow born to regular people, went to prison, and befriended the man he was born to save, Yang Kang-Chil. It's so unfortunate for Kim Bum with such good acting capability to play that antagonistic character, so tedious with continuous boring evil smile, it does not suit him. He was perfect in "Boys Over Flowers." That was the second Kdrama I had ever seen (about 2-1/2 years ago). Don't think I'm a crazy girl Just look at his filmography back in 2013.. I'm SSOOO SAD that you're planning to enlist in the army soon!! Your drama GOF just became a big hit, you're getting so much praise for your character Tae Do, good acting skills, and chemistry with MGY. After GOF, you might get offered the main leading role of a new drama that might become a big hit! For the MBC drama awards this year, hope you win the Popularity award and best couple award for Goddess of Fire. For your album Hometown, why didn't you have a concert tour around Asia and stop by other countries besides Japan? I bet they would be impressed with your singing and martial arts skills, too. You're getting a lot of attention because Tae Do is the most endearing and you play the character well, too. I don't know what to do If something bad will happen to you.

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Rival (with So Yoo-jin) and My Love Patzzi (with Jang Na-ra and Kim Rae-won) further raised his profile.Later that year, Kim Beom made his acting debut in the MBC drama series "The Daring Sisters" (Balchikhan Yeojadeul). " (Keochimeopsi Haikik), playing a character with the same name of "Kim Beom". " received positive response and regularly received ratings of 20% which helped bring attention to Kim Beom. You are a very refined actor, love you from the bottom of my heart you did excellent in every drama but in mrs cop 2 as lee ro joon you surpassed your standard i totalllllly loooovvved it. Kim Beom was good in "That Winter, The Wind Blows," but I like him best in rom-cons than as a tough guy. hope that its ok for you.........i will surely appreciate if you will accept me as one of your friends........ Kim Beom then made his feature film acting debut in the 2008 romantic-comedy "Hellcats" (Ddeugeoun geotsi joa) and followed that film only a few months later with the surprise horror hit "Death Bell" (Gosa). I saw him in Boys before flowers, but there they used him as a rich model, having a new suit in each scene. (You don't have to play a bad guy or have a scary serious role to be a great actor.) He is so handsome, cute and adorable with a great personality. Can't believe you worked on FOUR projects this year! be my friend? I'm not wishing you to marry me like others do, I'm not hoping that you will be mine like others do. While growing up, Kim Beom excelled in sports (played football in middle school), while also maintaining high grades.He first became interested in the entertainment world, while in high school, after attending the "Korean Film Award." Kim Beom saw up close, performers receive awards while also receiving adulation from their peers and the audience.