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Club member Brad Baumgartner owns a 1980 TR7 which he purchased in 2011.It was a two-owner car with 31,000 miles, all original.Adam Twinley from Treasure Coast Classics brought his 1965 Morris Minor Van and a big selection of Castrol products. Neil Safer, auctioneer, was our emcee and entertainer!

Our classes and awards were based on the number of pre-registered registrants.After some needed restoration, Brad says his car is very reliable and comfortable.In fact, he drove it to Brits on the Bluff in Natchez, Mississippi, and he won the longest distance award, 2,300 miles roundtrip!Because of its outstanding performance, the TR8 was often dubbed the “English Corvette.” Our Car Show was a great success.We had twenty-seven classes of British cars represented.