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If you’ve ever been in combat in an urban environment, you know just how shitty of a decision it is to hole up in a room with only one entrance. If they control the entrance, they control the exit, and they have a lot more room and supplies outside than you could have in a bunker.No matter how fortified your structure is, unless you spend a CRAPLOAD of money, all they have to do is wait you out and can easily speed up your schedule to come out.Imagine how much pressure a buried container bunker must have to withstand and then realize that the whole thing is surrounded by metal that’s only about as thick as a saw blade. Now imagine if someone drives a truck or even just walks over your supposedly-hidden bunker?

If you want to see some common specifications of shipping containers, check out this wikipedia article.

Why on Earth would you try to save a few hundred bucks to risk it caving in on your family or electrocuting your kid to death during the first rainstorm? If you’re gonna use a shipping container bunker as an underground shelter, realize that it’s most likely made out of Corten Steel. They are pretty cheap and have their place in your plans if you’re smart.

Pretty decent stuff as long as it doesn’t get scratched and dented. Here’s an example of one I found on Amazon for about 00: As long as it’s sealed, you can make it useable if you spend some time reinforcing the walls, depending on the soil and rainfall in the area.

I couldn’t imagine being stuck in one of them with other people for months at a time.

A shipping container is pretty much a rectangular metal tent.

Free couple hookup in scotland